Membership in the Kosovo – Israel Chamber of Commerce is open to any business organization or individual regardless of race, color, gender, language, religion, political opinions, or others, national or social origin, liaison to any community, property, economic and social conditions, sexual orientation, birth, disability, or any other personal status, who commits to pursue the purposes and values of the Chamber. In order to join the Kosovo – Israel Chamber of Commerce, every interested person must accept the Statute of the Kosovo – Israel Chamber of Commerce and engage in attaining the purposes of the Kosovo – Israel Chamber of Commerce.

The Executive Board determines if an applicant fulfills the requirements for admission to membership in the Kosovo – Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Applications for membership must be submitted by email to info@kicc-ks.org


Membership in the Kosovo-Israel Chamber of Commerce is open to all businesses in Kosovo and Israel which are interested in establishing and maintaining business relations and contributing to the development and deepening of economic relations between Kosovo and Israel.

Annual Fee:
€ 1200


The following business organizations, non-government organizations and individuals are members of the Kosovo-Israel Chamber of Commerce:

1.    AutoMita

2.    Devolli Corporation

3.    Devstack

4.    Diamond Vector Travel

5.    ETech

6.    Fuente Dynamics

7.    Gacaferri

8.    Gotham Government Relations & Communications, New York, United States of AMERICA

9.    Gotham South-East Europe LLC, Prishtina, Kosovo

10.   Hymeri Group

11.   Info Soft

12.   Institute for Science and Technology (INSI)

13.   Kerveshi&Partners

14.   Kivo LLC

15.   Sentry Cyber Security

16.   SIGMA Group LLC

17.   StoneCastle

18.   Tafaj&CO

19.   Telos Labs

20.   Verso Altima

21.   Your Global Strategy, Inc., New York, United States of America